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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

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Toasted English muffin with four rashers of bacon, topped with three poached eggs and the best Hollandaise sauce I’ve ever tasted.

I love poached eggs, but every other restaurant/hotel/etc where I’ve ever had them before has messed them up. They’re either overcooked, stringy and no longer whole, or raw in the middle because they’ve been shaped in a poaching pan.

At Belle & Herbs, the eggs are poached properly — in a pan of hot water with vinegar. At least, this is how I assume they get them so perfect — yolks lovely and runny, white solid but not hard.

The overall experience of the dish is as good as the eggs are on their own. The muffin is well-toasted, the bacon crisp and the Hollandaise tangy enough to give a nice edge, but without overwhelming the other flavours.

Overall, the absolute best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had.

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