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Ulster Breakfast

Plate full of Ulster Breakfast

Ulster Breakfast

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The Ulster Breakfast comprises 2 sausages, two slices of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 fried black pudding, 2 white pudding, boxdy potato cakes and soda farl fried in butter.

This breakfast really is a heart attack on a plate, but the nice thing is that it really doesn’t seem greasy at all when you’re eating it. As is always the case at Belle & Herbs, the eggs were done to perfection, not at all jellified as is so often the case.

The most interesting thing in this breakfast were the boxdy potato cakes. When I read the menu I had no real idea of what these would be like — they turned out to be gorgeous though! Small cubes of potato, with plenty of onion, bound together by egg or possibly some sort of batter. Yum!

The black and white pudding were both really good as well — fried so they were crisp on the outside without being dry. Personally I don’t always like these puddings, just because they’re quite heavily spiced for a breakfast food, but I did enjoy them this time.

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