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California Benedict … and Toast!

California Benedict … and Toast!

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The California Benedict consists of a toasted English muffin, crispy bacon and poached eggs, covered with guacamole. I assume it must be a Belle & Herbs invention, since I’ve never seen it anywhere before and a quick Google turns up nothing of the sort.

Although the generic Benedict ingredients were up to their usual high standard, the guacamole was a bit over-spiced for this combination. It overpowered the flavours of the eggs & bacon, which was unfortunate.

Not a bad dish at all, I think you just need to enjoy guacamole more than I do to really love it!

Part of the problem as well is that this was the morning of the tragic cat incident so having had all that happen, we weren’t really too hungry.

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  1. EL CHAVO! Says:

    I was browsing along checking out all them crazy British foods when I came upon this contraption, and let me just say that it is a disservice to my fair state to call this a “California Benedict”! Guacamole is a great side to put on chips, tacos, burritos, maybe a bit in a torta, but the thought of it on poached eggs makes me wretch. Nor should it come near an english muffin, that’s two perfectly good foods ruined! Besides, the pic shows what looks to be some sort of avocado sauce, not guacamole, as that contains chunks of tomatoes, chile serrano, and cilantro, neither of which appear to be present, and the creaminess of the sauce makes me think it’s based on the Fuerte avocados you get over there, those are a waste of time.
    When I get over there to taste their other samplings, I’ll bring along a petition for a name change!
    Simon que Yes! EL CHAVO!

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