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Steak Burger with Bacon & Cheese

Steak Burger Plate
Originally uploaded by meriwilliams.

Scotch beefsteak burger with bacon and grilled cheese, caramelized onions, burger mayo, tangy relish and salad, on a cheese and onion bun.

This was just as delicious as the description sounds. What you might not be able to tell from the photo is that it was also MASSIVE. I had to remove all the salad just to get it so I could take a bite!

The steak burger patty itself was very tasty, which is unusual. So often it’s just the hot bit in the middle of the roll and nothing special. I’d love to know where Belle and Herbs source their ingredients from — I wouldn’t be surprised if it were all local organic produce or something!

My one watchout would be only order this if you’re really hungry!!

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