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Farmer’s Breakfast

Farmers Breakfast
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The Farmer’s Breakfast is a huge 4 egg omelette, filled with sausage, bacon, fried potato & onion and plenty of cheese. It’s served with some plum tomatoes and a great slab of fried bread.

The first thing to note is that this was an IMMENSE breakfast. Seriously huge. I didn’t even get through a third of it and I was hungry! Taste-wise it was very nice. I’m not usually a huge fan of omelettes, but this one was really good — full of interesting flavours.

The sides were great as well — the plum tomatoes juicy and a perfect accompaniment to the protein-filled omelette. The fried bread was … well, heavenly. The best fried bread I’ve ever had (but don’t tell my Grandma!).

I’d recommend this, but only if you were really really hungry or working off some serious hangoverage!

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