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New Menu

Our Site is on the New Menu!!!!
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This is so cool — we arrived at Belle and Herbs on Saturday afternoon to find that they’d changed the menu … and that this blog is listed on it!!

But I digress…

Although we had come fairly close to achieving our original aim of documenting the entire menu, the goalposts have now been moved. There are a lot of new things on the new menu. Everything from variations on existing items (like the new Bury Benedict) through to whole new items, like the selection of wraps that we haven’t even tried yet.

All I can say is, I’m looking forward to attacking the new and improved menu and documenting it all here!

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  1. Ms. Jen Says:

    It is a Blog / Menu race… Can Belle and Herbs keep adding new menu items before you have delightfully eaten and blogged each item?

    hmmmm… inquiring readers want to know…


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