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Herb’s Turkey Club Special

Gorgeous sandwich, ingredients detailed in the post

Herb’s Turkey Club Special

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Herb’s Turkey Club Special is one hell of a sandwich. Three slices of doorstop white, with turkey, sweet tomato & chilli chutney, pepperoni, grilled cheese, sliced red onion, salad and a little garlic mayonnaise.

Firstly, this sandwich is very filling. I imagine that the Scooby Snack could out-do it, but I’d still recommend you only attempt it if very hungry! Personally I didn’t manage to get to the crisps and pasta salad that came on the side!

Secondly, although the ingredients might seem a strange combination, it actually works really well! The chutney and mayo really bind the turkey and pepperoni flavours together well and the salad and onion supplies a nice crisp texture.

All in all, another great sandwich worth trying!

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