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Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Steak Burger

6 inch tall bacon, cheese & mushroom steak burger

Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Beef Burger
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Firstly, OMG this was a lot of food. A seriously immense meal. I love to eat and generally do eat quite a bit, but my stomach HURT after having this. It was mental.

Basically, this was the regular tasty Belle & Herbs steak burger, but with bacon, cheese and mushrooms added. The end result was a succulent steak burger, in a cheese & onion bun, with salad, caramelized onions, burger mayo, tangy relish and bacon, grilled cheese and HUGE sauteed mushrooms! Don’t forget, as you can see from the picture, this also came with a serious helping of chunky chips (the side you can see is mayo). What you can’t see in this picture (but is more apparent in this one) is that there was a skewer through the whole thing to hold it together, with a couple of gherkins for good measure.

I’ve already talked about the quantity, but the really impressive thing was the quality. Burgers are so badly done in so many places these days, it’s a real nice change to see them done well.

Despite the accoutrements that could easily have excused a badly cooked burger patty, the burger itself was beautifully medium-rare (as requested). The sauteed mushrooms were soft and flavourful, but the bacon nicely crispy. The cheese was mild enough that it didn’t overpower the other ingredients, but still added nicely to the overall taste. The caramelized onions and relish added a nice sweet ‘n sour sensation. I have to admit, with all these ingredients, I didn’t give a DAMN about the salad but it did add a nice crisp texture variation. The bread was lovely and soft and nicely cheesy, and the chunky chips up to the usually high Belle & Herbs standard.

This was seriously the best burger I have EVER had. Yes, for those in Bath, this burger beat the PANTS off a Schwartz Burger. I recommend that you all drop what you are doing right now and come up here to try one yourself.

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    nothing beats a schwartz!!

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