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Pepperoni and Blue Burger

Pepperoni and Blue Burger
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Another addition to the new menu, the Pepperoni & Blue burger is a very interesting combination. It’s basically a normal house burger (6oz handmade steak burger, served on a cheese & onion bun with dill pickle, tomato relish, tomato, lettuce, burger mayo & mustard) augmented with a layer of blue stilton and a swathe of crispy pepperoni.

To be honest, I was wholly unconvinced by the prospect of the pepperoni and stilton combination and expected it to be a rare disaster. However, the creaminess of the cheese and the spicy flavour and crispy texture of the pepperoni really did work very well. I’m still not sure that a burger is the best vehicle for the taste combo (perhaps a grilled open sandwich might be better?), but I did really enjoy the meal.

As per usual, however, the size of the burger meant that I didn’t make it through all the chips that were served with it. They were lovely though — crisp on the outside, sweet and a little mushy on the inside — just a little too much to handle after a 4inch tall burger!

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