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Full-On English

Full-On English
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The Full-On English is another augmentation of the main breakfast options on the new menu. It features 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 sausage (for some reason I seemed to get 4 though…), beans, peeled plum tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, black pudding, white pudding, breakfast sauce, potato scones and toast.

As you might expect, this is a seriously big meal. The waitress’ comment was “You’ll never eat all that” and she was right … the volume of beans overwhelmed me for a start!

The usual breakfast items were up to their normal high standard — the bacon was nicely cooked, the sausages tasty, the eggs perfect as usual, the hash browns crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (armadillos!) and the mushrooms juicy. The white pudding was nice (although quite heavy on the wheat bulking) although I didn’t have the black pudding, choosing to bring it home for the puppy (I like black pudding, but I have to be in the right mood for it, if you know what I mean).

My favourite items, however, were the potato scones, which were lovely and buttery and the plum tomatoes, which were a nice clean contrast to the richness of the other ingredients.

All in all, a great breakfast and a nice addition to the new menu, but arguably should come with a scooby snack warning due to its rather gargantuan size…

2 Responses to “Full-On English”

  1. husey Says:

    Fantastic! The meat products were of a really high standard (no cheap factory sausages here, thankyouverymuch – proper tasty ones).

    I’ll disagree with meri and say the white pudding was excellent. Sadly though, the black variety was overcooked, but tasty nevertheless.

    Surprisingly, I think my favourite bit was the breakfast sauce: what a pleasant and yummy surprise – fruity and delicious!

    After an hour of eating (and being kindly asked to bugger off in favour of the hungry-looking customers queueing outside), I heaved myself from my seat with a groan and carefully waddled out the door, grinning to the eager-looking punters as I went.

    They mean it when they say it’s full on!

  2. SundaeG1rl Says:

    That looks flippin’ fabulous. I’d have to have a brisk walk and a stiff J in order to do justice to it. Black AND white pudding a bonus – I’ve only ever seen one or t’other. And the potato cakes – nice touch! Much better than a mountain of limp toast.

    Also, kudos for the ‘armadillos’ reference. I thought it was just me who still used it 😉

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