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Breakfast Panini

Breakfast Panini

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The Breakfast Panini consists of a lightly toased ciabatta, filled with sausage, bacon, mushroom and cheese. Maybe I should put that in order of quantity: cheese, bacon, sausage, mushroom. I think that there was probably a little too much cheese, as this was quite an over-powering taste, however I can forgive them for this, as it was very tasty. The last panini that I ate was in Italy (Florence to be precise), yet Belle + Herbs have mastered this great Italian skill and this panini was better than the one in the home country!

It didn’t look that much when it was on the plate, but it was certainly satisfying, and I would definitely have it again. One thing to watch out for though; the bits of sausage are all at one end and the bits of mushroom all at the other end. That confused me, and I wish I had eaten a little bit from either end rather than just attacking it in one go. If you want a taste of Italy, but better, then choose this!

(Oh, and just as an aside, they spell it as “Pannini” in the menu, which riled me slightly as I’m a pedant when it comes to spelling!)

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  1. nickh Says:

    oh I think I’ll be having this on Sunday. Proper hangover food, nice…

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