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Houmous Sandwich

Houmous Sandwich

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This houmous, black olive and salad greens sandwich is easily the healthiest thing I’ve ever had at Belle & Herbs. I was in the mood for something simple and light and this definitely fit the bill.

They’d gone easy on the houmous, which was a little disappointing given that was the star ingredient, but we ordered potato wedges with houmous too (what? I was having a houmous-craving day!) and they couldn’t provide as it had all gone in my sandwich apparently. So it seems this might have been more of an ingredient shortage than anything else 😉

Would I have it again? Probably, but times when I actually fancy completely vegetarian things are few and far between…

7 Responses to “Houmous Sandwich”

  1. embrouillamini Says:

    Howdy! I’m at Newcastle Uni, living at home in Darlington but my former flatmates live just round the corner from Belle and Herbs at Meldon Terrace!

    We keep saying we must go, but have never got round to it. This blog has persuaded me to promptly organise a rendez-vous! What would you suggest, for a first-timer?

    Merci beaucoup. Cath x

  2. Meri Says:

    I’d suggest you go for breakfast. Belle & Herbs breakfasts are AMAZING, especially after a big night out the day before. The American is a personal favourite, but I’m also a big fan of the steak & eggs.

    If you end up going after lunch, though, the burgers are amazing!!

  3. embrouillamini Says:

    oh mama, that burger is immense! Can’t wait, thanks for the advice!

  4. Meri Says:

    No problem. If you do go, please consider writing a review for us!

  5. Piyush Says:

    Hi, I was wondering what camera you took these with…what megapixel is that phone camera of yours?

    I really like this site…and am bound to visit Newcastle, JUST to eat here!

  6. Meri Says:

    Hi Piyush. Most of the more recent photos were taken with my Nokia 6280 which has a 2 megapixel camera. Older photos were taken with either a Nokia 6230 (which just has VGA camera) or a Nokia 6230i (1.3 megapixel camera).

    If you ever do come to visit B&H, please do write us up a review!

  7. Piet Nirvana Says:

    oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Piet Nirvana.

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