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BBC Sandwich

BBC Sandwich
Originally uploaded by meriwilliams.

This is truly a Belle & Herbs classic: bacon, brie and cranberry on soft white doorstop bread. Just warm enough that the brie is beginning to soften, without actually being a hot sandwich.

The bacon at B&H’s has been particularly tasty of late – evidence of the superior ingredient sourcing, I think. This particular sandwich was absolutely gorgeous – creamy brie, savoury bacon, sweet cranberry and nice soft white bread. I can’t wait to go back for another!

3 Responses to “BBC Sandwich”

  1. Professor Truth Says:

    Queueing for an hour being inane yacht club-affiliated students in windcheaters who’ve driven over from Jesmond in their Xmas present from Daddy.


    Otherwise, fine.

  2. ourman Says:

    I absolutely agree with the Prof. Everyone I know has given up the place. The once great food is increasingly badly prepared. Tables are wedged in to a level of uncomfort. Waiting for a table is bad but even after that you wait a long time for your food and are invariably forgotten.

    Perish the thought of taking a table and eating on your own. You’ll only get a bunch of posh students joining you talking in those irritably loud voices.

    But short hours, coupled with a lack of competition and an attitude of taking customers for granted is wrecking the place as a pleasant place to have a meal.

    Shame really. It was pretty good once.

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