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Banoffee Pie

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Banoffee Pie Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. We got a slice of this banoffee pie to take home, where I managed to forget to take a proper photo of the slice — but I think the overall pie photo gives a good impression too 😉 This was one seriously sweet dessert! Sweet pastry, layered with sliced […]

Lemon Curd Cheesecake

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Lemon Curd Cheesecake Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. This lemon curd cheesecake was absolutely WONDERFUL. It had a crisp biscuit base, creamy filling and lovely tangy lemon curd and caramelised lemon slices on the top. Overall this was an amazing dessert, with great combinations of sweet and tart, indulgent and refreshing. Definitely going to keep an […]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Chocolate Mousse Cake Originally uploaded by ellythompson. I love the cake counter at Belle & Herbs. The only problem is there’s generally so many things I want that I can’t decide. No such problem today. Anything titled “Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake” is pretty much guaranteed to get my attention. And it was wonderful. To be […]

Lemon Meringue Slice

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Lemon Meringue Slice Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. I have to be honest, this wasn’t my favourite Belle & Herbs dessert. Although the meringue on the top was light and fluffy, with a nice crisp crust, the lemon goo had a strange aftertaste. It was a perfectly acceptable specimen, but not up to their usual high […]

Crunchy Fridge Cake

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Elly’s Fridge Cake Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. I’m a big fan of Fridge Cake. Any Fridge Cake. Bits of Biscuit, Dried Fruit and Glace Cherries, coated in Chocolate and left to set… It’s yummy!

Lemon Curd Layer Cake

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

More Lemon Curd Cake! Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. I don’t tend to be a big fan of cake. It’s often too sickly sweet for me, so I tend to pass. This time, however, since Elly was dead keen on the chocolate cake, I thought I’d try this lemon curd layer cake. I was very very […]

Chocolate Cake

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

Chocolate Cake Originally uploaded by ellythompson. I usually try to resist looking at the cakes on the way into Belle and Herbs, as I know if I do look then I’ll just end up eating cake. I didn’t manage today as there was someone else looking as we walked in the door. Having seen this, […]

Blueberry Pancakes

Saturday, September 24th, 2005

Blueberry Pancakes Originally uploaded by ellythompson. After seeing a small child eating these one day, I decided I had to get some of my own. Lovely, soft Buttermilk Pancakes dotted with Blueberries served with butter and Blueberry Jam. Yummy!

Apple Toffee Pancake

Friday, May 20th, 2005

Apple Toffee Pancake Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. When I ordered this I was expecting something smaller… Little pancakes with apple pieces, perhaps. I was amazed when I was delivered a platesize apple and sultana pancake, an inch thick, with a little pot of toffee syrup to pour over it. Yummy!

Elvis Sandwich

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

The Elvis Sandwich Originally uploaded by meriwilliams. Peanut Butter and Banana between fried bread… ‘Decadent’ doesn’t quite do this sandwich justice. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but leaves you wanting a severe detox.