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Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad with Bread
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Although there have always been good salads at Belle & Herbs, the new menu features an extended salad section. I chose this Cobb Salad, which combines smoked chicken breast, smoked bacon, avocado, blue stilton, mixed greens and ranch dressing, with a nice hunk of bread on the side.

This was a substantial meal and delicious. The flavours of the smoked chicken and bacon worked with with the stilton, allaying my fears that one would overwhelm the others. Unfortunately on this particular day, the avocado that was used was unripe and therefore just chewy and tasteless … I’d hope this was a one-off availability issue rather than a regular occurrence.

The beef tomatoes were lovely, flavourful and juicy, and the rest of the greens were nice and fresh. The bread wasn’t needed to “bulk out” the meal at all, but it was also nice and fresh. I’m personally not a big fan of dressing, so I didn’t use much, but it was nice enough.

Generally I was quite impressed that even the salads are quite luxurious!

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  1. SundaeG1rl Says:

    That looks good, but I challenge you to research the original Cobb Salad and make one yourself. It’s awesome! (and the original Brown Derby dressing rocks)

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